Poppin’ Jack has been dancing for as long as he can remember and has worked hard and passionately to get to where he is today. Through years of experience learning from some of the best in the world Jack has gained knowledge, recognition and a deeper understanding of dance and how to teach. Jack has been performing since he was very young and continues to perform and battle representing not only his crew Stale Biskitz but also Australia when he travels abroad. Some highlights have been winning the Original Gangstas Popping battle in Singapore, representing Australia at the Busan 3vs3 Hip Hop competition in South Korea and representing Australia at the Dance@Live World Final in Taiwan. Stale Biskitz has been Jacks crew since 2004 and is one of the longest standing Popping Crews in Australia.


Recent Achievements.

Winner of Dancekool 7to Smoke Popping Battle 2016
Winner of Dancekool All Style 2v2 Battle 2016
Guest Crew performance – Flown to Tokyo Japan to perform 2016
Top 32 at Pop City World Finals in Osaka Japan 2016
Winner of New Reso Vol.1 All Style 2v2 Battle 2016
Winner of 143 10 Year Anniversary All Style team Battle 2015
Top 16 at Hip Hop International San Diego 1v1 Popping 2015
Winner of Destructive steps 2 vs 2 and 1 vs 1 Popping Battle 2015
Winner of Dancekool Vol. 30 with Jiggy Jaya 2015
Top 8 Radikal Forze All Style Battle 2015

Judge at Numerous event’s all across Sydney also Judge in New Zealand, Adelaide, Melbourne
Organiser of POPPING NATION ASSOCIATION team battles
Performed all over Sydney for over 10years